Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sour Grapes?

Well, here we are, stuck at home once more. Becky is on medication now, but I didn't want to freak anyone out with her glowing we decided to have another sick day.

64/365 (3/5) Poor, Sick Thing

So Becky has spent the day, laying around, being waited on hand and foot.

"I need a drink, Mommy."

"I'm hungry Mommy."

"Change the channel Mommy."

She's definitely channeling diva today. All is I need now is to find my palm frond fan and a bunch of grapes.

And here's the catch up:

63/365 (3/4)Waiting

We have pretty much the same ritual every morning...which usually involves a tiny bit of yelling and a mad dash to find lost shoes.

In addition, as the kids finish up getting ready for the day, Josh stations himself by the window, having been designated "Official Bus Watcher." His only job, it seems, is to scream "BUS!" as the top of his lungs as the school bus passes by our house. He's got it down.

62/365 (3/3) This Face

Katie got a new little coat and shoes, and I was trying to get a photo of her. Apparently, she has inherited her Dad's aversion to having her photo taken.

Clearly, this photos says to me, "Mom. Enough with the photos."

Big sigh.


Emily Merchant said...

I so hope that the pink eye did not come from our house. We were all on medication for a good while before she came to play, but... eek. I have guilt now, maybe something was still contaminated.

Kimber said...

Hope you get to break out of the joint soon :)

Jeff said...

It is good to see that Josh is already practiced in the art of being loud .... a skill that always come in handy for us men (since reason, or it's lack, often must be backed by something more primal). :-)

Lara said...

LOL! It sounds like Adam and Josh would get along just splendidly!

Me said...

I hope your little diva's feeling better! Even when things are rough at your house you crack me up!

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