Tuesday, March 10, 2009

**cough** man cold **cough**

Well, I have a little catching up to do on my 365 photos...but before I do, I just wanted to say that life as we know it has come to halt here at our house.


Because Troy has a man cold.

A man cold?

Oh wait. In case you are not familiar with this "brink of death" type illness...please watch this, which I have totally stolen from Andrea's blog.

Does every man behave this way when struck with an illness? Let me know.

Okay. Catching up.

65/365 (3/6) Cousin It

We are growing out Katie's hair. Here's the post shower, pre-hair do phase. eek.

66/365 (3/7) The Temple

These photos are in the previous post.

67/365 (3/8) Besties

We had Andrea and Rob over. The kids all get along so well...everyone has a buddy. Katie and Anna are so funny together, and Anna is actually one word that Katie knows. Double trouble, for sure.

68/365 (3/9) Train Up A Child

Don't you love that age where the children not only want to do chores, they BEG you to allow them to help? Sigh. This age passes soooo quickly.


Brianna said...

Love that video. It made my afternoon!

Andrea said...

Man colds. Suck.
Besties. Cool.

Stacy said...

That is one of my favorite videos - it cracks me up every time!!!

alexandra said...

In response to your question, "Does every man behave this way when struck with an illness?"

Um, yeah.

Mine came home this afternoon and has been doing that ever since.

Lara said...

Man colds...never heard of them until just now, but I see they're a common occurrence around here! LOL!

Kathleen said...

My husband is sick of me telling him "Poor little bunny" every time he's sick. I'm hoping that it will help him grow up a little and not be so whiney when he's sick. It hasn't worked yet, though. :P

Kimber said...

DEl had a case of "man cold" last month. We are still recovering :)

Jolinda said...

Loved the "man cold". My Troy is not so bad as this tho! He always asks if he's running a fever, and yet NEVER is. He rarely just lays on the couch...if he does, it's pretty bad.

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