Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Well, today was field trip day with the middle school. The kids went to a wildlife preserve. It was pretty cool. They had several bald eagles, and quite a few osprey out...I can see why my friend Amy thinks birding is pretty cool.

And, I know I do this every time I go on a field trip...but I just can't help myself.

The kids today were pretty good, but I have to say, I was appalled by the language and the discussions that the kids had on the bus. And, if they are going to talk that way when adults are sitting right in front of them, what are they talking about when there aren't any adults?


F-bombs, talk about sex, etc. It's a lot for the mom of a young girl. And, it wasn't just that. I realize that Mikayla is sheltered...much more so than I was at her age, but I just don't think there is anything wrong with keeping so much of the crap out of our home and out of her life.

As the kids were discussing things they like and books they read...they were talking about music groups Mikayla has barely heard of...and books she isn't going to be reading anytime soon. With their cells phones and expensive just all seems like too much.

I know. I am a big prude...but really...Mikayla only gets to be young once and there will be plenty of time for her to experience the "worldly" side of I crazy for just wanting her to have a wholesome outlook on life?

I know I can't protect her forever, and she is going to get exposed to the crap whether I want her to or not. But my hope is that she will find it all revolting and not have a need to have it in her life.

Right now, she likes school...and church and has really nice friends. Even the boy she likes is the sweetest thing ever (eek...don't tell her I said that!). I just want it to stay this way for a little while longer. Is that too much to ask?

Okay, stepping down off the soap box now.


Stacy said...

I think the same way. We have to prepare our kids to be in the world - but can't we shelter them from the bad stuff for as long as possible?

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget walking the halls of the HS with Scott and being pushed and shoved around feeling like, I wouldn't go back in a million years! It really gave me new perspective on what it's like to have to live 'out there' as a youth...and makes me grateful for the knowledge that home can be a sanctuary and we can do a little protection with our own families against all of that.


Puhlman said...

I feel the same way Denise. I think I shelter my kids more than ever because of what is out there. I can only imagine what is out there. I haven't yet been around it too much but I remember what it was like when I was growing up and it has QUADRUPILED in that amount of time. It really is scary. I think if we keep our guard up and constantly talk to our kids about things that they will be fine. I really try to make sure the kids understand that just because 'everyone' else is saying it or doing it doesn't make it right. But oh, what a hard lesson this is sometimes. I fear that my kids will choose that side rather than the side I am fighting so hard for them to choose.

onehm said...

You are NOT alone. I feel the same way. I am totally dreading Junior High for my kids...And Sweet G is only in 4th grade! Wish me luck.

Sounds like your daughter has a good head on her shoulders. Must get that from her awesome parents! ;)

Christine/Alamama said...

Totally agree with you! Even at the elementary level, but really once they get to Jr. High. Shelter her as much as you can.

The Beatty Beehive said...

I think you only want what every mom wants for their daughter (and sons). All the more reason for us to help this chosen generation to establish good values, and a strong testimony of what is right and good. Thanks for the reminder!!

Kimber said...

I know how you feel. That's why we (and I'm sure many other parents) work so hard on keeping our homes as "shelter from the storms."

Lara said...

I hated middle school as a teenager and hate it even more now as a mother. It is a CRAZY world we live in.

Amy said...

Your mention of Bald Eagles and Osprey makes me smile. Raptors are my favorite type of birds. Glad that you and the kiddos got to see them.

Even with my limited time with you and your brood last summer, I see you doing a great job with Mikayla. (High praise from a non-mom, eh? ;) That said, I do not envy your challenges as the mother of a pre-teen, m'friend. No doubt you have a great support system to help y'all face those challenges.

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