Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Very, Merry

I can hardly belive Christmas will be here tomorrow.

It has come, and is now almost gone, before I could enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

But, we are thinking of you, our family and friends, who we miss most of all during these special holidays.

I hope you have a very, merry Christmas.

Here's our 2008 Christmas card and letter.

Twas the first of December
And all through the house
Everyone’s busy,
Especially my spouse.

Troy’s bags are all packed,
And he’s ready to fly
France is now calling…
I’ll try not to cry.

He’s so busy at work,
We miss him a lot.
But when he is home,
He gives all that he’s got.

Mikayla turned 12,
And is liking this stage.
Earrings and clothes,
And shoes are the rage.

She’s working so hard,
And pulling straight A’s.
She’s busy at school,
And fills up her days.

Emma is nine,
And enjoying new things.
She’s playing piano,
The drums, and she sings!

She’s such a good girl,
A friend and a light,
She’s always concerned,
With doing what’s right.

Joseph has grown
Into quite the young man.
He works really hard
And follows the plan.

But he still loves to game,
And tries hard to be,
The best that he can
At playing the wii.

Josh is now six,
And crazy as ever,
He’s smart as a whip,
And really just clever.

The teacher, she says,
He’s good and he’s sweet,
We think that she’s kidding,
But she claims he’s a treat.

Becky is three,
And helps out a ton,
We’re thankful she’s here,
Cause she is so fun.

She likes her new school,
And mothers the kids,
But they like her back,
And do as she bids.

Katie is tiny,
But the loudest one yet,
Her favorite new toy,
Is the downstairs toilet.

Her year and a half,
Have all but flown by,
I can hardly believe,
That nursery is nigh.

Things are so good,
And I’m thankful and glad,
That we are all well,
And for the year that we’ve had.

I traveled to Paris
When Troy went for work.
It was the best thing I’ve done,
My own little perk.

We miss you all now,
When lights are aglow.
We think of you often,
More than you know.

We send you good thoughts,
Of joy in this season.
And remember the Savior,
For He is our Reason.

Troy, Denise, Mikayla, Emma, Joe, Josh, Becky and Katie


Brianna said...

Great Christmas letter. So clever! I would never have the patience or skill to turn mine into a poem! Another thing to love about Denise. Merry Christmas.

Melanie said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the great gifts...the kids have been stealing the letters from each other all morning.

Amy said...

I love your Christmas letter- so creative. Your card is beautiful and it was fun to see everyone in print and on paper (since I'm used to seeing them on the screen).

Merry Christmas!

Lara said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Once again I loved your letter and picture...creative and unique as usual!

lilluv89 said...

Thats the best Christmas letter I've ever read! How long did that take to write? You even made it rhyme woah! Your picture is absolutely beautiful. Merry Christmas to you all!

Jolinda said...

I know I'm behind, but this is great! Like someone else said, yet another thing to love about you!! You really are an inspiration in all you do!

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