Friday, December 5, 2008

Little Thrills

I wanted to finish up my Christmas shopping before Troy heads out of town next I picked up Melanie and off we went.

One of our stops was at Toys R Us, and I just have to share.

We stopped in the Planet Heros section (which, apparently I am so out of the loop to have never heard of them before!). She was looking through their selection and as the toys part, I hear a little gasp.

"What? What's wrong?"

With a reverence I reserve for only rare Tim McGraw sightings, she says, "It's the Sun Commander."

Best part of my night.

I love Christmas shopping.


Charlene said...

I love shopping with friends. It is so fun to see what others get excited about.

Melanie said...

Update: I couldn't wait to show Trav my awesome find when I got home. Of course it was still out when Grant threw up at midnight and Blake came downstairs! I quickly hid it with a pillow. Then Travis decided to give Blake the pillow to sleep on and Blake says 'hey, what's that Planet Hero doing here?' I flipped out! Thankfully it was backwards, so we jumped in front of it and made up a story about it being Ace (one that we already have). We told him it was a boring old Ace package we were giving to another little boy. Travis distracted him with the rest of his Planet Hero collection and Blake told us AGAIN that he wanted the SUN COMMANDER for Christmas! Aye yay yay...that was a close one!

Lara said...

You're making me jealous...I only go shopping with little people. It sounds like way more fun going with a friend!

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