Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Best Mom - EVER

Yesterday, the kids wanted to know what was for dinner.

I didn't have anything set in stone, so I asked them what they wanted.

Thinking they were being funny, they said, "dessert."

Well, it took me just a moment, but I decided why not?

They each asked at least five times if I was serious.

I was.

So, last night, we had dessert for dinner.

The best part of it all?

They all wanted REAL dinner tonight...and no dessert.



Charlene said...

My kids would love to come to your house for dinner...I mean dessert!

Amberlyn said...

You are the coolest Mom ever!!!

Lara said...

I'm afraid that plan would backfire on me...I could totally see my kids thinking they get dessert for dinner every night!

You are a cool Mom to even try it!

Kimber said...

Sounds like my kind of dinner :)

Roundy Family said...

I don't know if Troy ever reads your blogs, but I went to school with him, Brenda Wright (now Roundy), and I have been blog stalking! I just found you guys by chance, so if you are wondering who in the heck I am, this is me! Tell Troy hi for me please!

Puhlman said...

Oh you would be high on the list at our place. My kids are lucky to even get dessert after dinner. Well tonight we are doing sugar cookies and they think they are in heaven. All it does for me is get me even less pants i can fit into.

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