Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Show Us What You Got

We held the 1st Annual Beatty Bundt Cake Bonanza this weekend and it was a blast. (I should note here that the original Bundt Cake Bonanza started with the Oldroyd's...so thank to them for this tradition.)

Anyway...the rules are that each husband must bring a bundt cake, which they bake themselves, with NO assistance from their wives.

And, I must say, the men really pulled out all the stops.

First, was Troy's plain on the outside, sexy on the inside cake...which he would thought would remind us of him. lol!

Travis' cake was made with "love."

Jeff's lovely cake garnered great sympathy when he explained that he had to make his cake twice when his daughter accidentally ate a piece of the first one.

Ben happily presented his "country" cake, complete with a country platter.

Paul made a fluffy on the outside and a sweet on the outside cake...just like him, he said.

Joe presented us with a refined and elegant creation...but who's surprised by that?

Dave presented us with his spice cake...again, just like him.

Jon wowed us with his to die for chocolate cake, made with five different kinds of chocolate.

And, the piece de resistance was Keith, who must have been a cake model in a former life.

The big winners of the evening were Keith for presentation (no contest there!), Joe for taste, and Jeff for both appearance and overall best cake.

We followed up with a white elephant exchange and a raucous game of celebrity...which the women won, of course.

So many great highlights...but a couple of my favorites included Jeff's white trash gingerbread house, made lovingly by the Hobbs.

And Troy's fish bowl...complete with water, fish and all.

And, let us not forget Ben's Richard Simmons impression, Emily's Dora the Explorer, and Jen's voluptuous woman. Unfortunately, I have no photos of the celebrity portion of the evening...it's too hard to play and take pictures...probably to everyone's great relief!

Can't wait to do it again!


Amy said...

That looks so fun! It reminds me of the good 'ole days at the condos.

Hmmmmm.... now I'm sad. :(

I wonder how Ed would have fared in the contest? He makes really yummy pumpkin bars so he might have done okay.

alamama said...

Golly! Those guys did a great job. What a fun idea!

~ Jamie ~ said...

That's such a great idea!

Paul said...

Beatty Bundt Cake Bonanza? More like Beatty Buffcake Bonanza. Look at all that hotness.

Wish we could have been there. Thinking about you and hoping the Wii is getting used.

akh said...

I really like your "bundt cake bonanza." Fabulous idea! I might have to adopt/adapt it (c:

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