Monday, December 1, 2008

Everyone Should Do It This Way

So, Thanksgiving was awesome.

We have a new holiday tradition and decided that Thanksgiving is just too much we went to McDonalds instead.

The kids thought it was the best, and I enjoyed not having to do the dishes.

Although Mikayla has finally reached that age where McDonalds just isn't fun...can you tell?

But seriously, we met the Hobbs at McDonalds and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast...since the only thing I had to cook was the turkey.

Truly, Thanksgiving was as low stress a holiday as I have ever had. We had the Burdicks, the Hobbs, the Taylors, and the Jones over...and it was wonderful. Everyone pitched in with the food, all the kids got along, and it was just lovely.

I think too, since it was so low stress, I was really able to enjoy it and be grateful for all my blessings...truly, my cup runeth over!!!

In addition to the two photo shoots I did over the weekend, I also got almost all my Christmas shopping done. Black Friday was a blast and Melanie was the best shopping buddy. We started at 3:15 am and shopped for 12 hours. (I know, I'm crazy! But it was awesome to get so much done.)

It wouldn't seem like Christmas without Black Friday!

Everything I had to mail is ready to go, I am hoping to get Christmas cards out this week, and my plan is to enjoy every moment of Christmas possible!


Kimber said...

So glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving - we missed you guys!

Paulette said...

We had a grand day too. Miss you and your great family. Glad you had a fun and relaxing day.

Lara said...

12 hours?! That sounds like torture. Everything else about it looks like it was wonderful weekend!

alexandra said...

Though I can't say that I agree with you about Black Friday, I agree that it's great to get all the shopping and card sending done as early as possible so you can sit back and enjoy watching everyone else go crazy as the month progresses - oh wait, I mean enjoy the spirit of the season and all.

Amberlyn said...

You are Turbo times 2!!!

Amy and I had you beat on black friday, we were up at 2:30am. More to come about that on my blog.

We didn't shop for 12 hrs though!!! That's just plain insane!!!

I am so happy for you that your thanksgiving was such a success and so low key!!!

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