Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Speed Learning

Mikayla is taking French this year and has also joined the art club.

Lucky for her, these two teachers got together and decided that a field trip was in order, so yesterday she went to the National Gallery of Art for a look at some French art.

Lucky for me, it's still okay for your mom to go on your field trips (the 8th graders are not so similarly disposed).

But, for some reason, I am destined to never go on a field trip that doesn't have some major mixup. Like the buses didn't come.

Apparently, transportation cancelled our buses and by the time the mix up was fixed, we were VERY late for our field add DC traffic to that a two hour tour becomes a thirty minute jog through the museum.

But, I had never been to Museum, and I have to say, I was extremely impressed. The art was amazing and the docents really know their stuff.

I loved the Monets, they had quite a few.

And of course Seurat is my favorite.

And just for fun, one of the "cool" 8th graders on the trip was cute Regan.

The field trip was a little nutty (which included a 20 minute stop at Burger King where they completed 60 different food orders), but fun nonetheless.

This is someplace I definitely plan on visiting again, but slowly...and of course, its free! (hint, hint)


Brianna said...

I've been there before, it is amazing! Glad you got some time with Mikayla!

Andrea said...

So jealous!! Love the paintings. I used to walk by the cathedral in the painting every day--our church building was a few steps away.

Glad you had a good time!

Charlene said...

It is so nice that you have all these places to visit in your area. jealous!!

Emily Merchant said...

Too bad you didn't have more time. I love the National Gallery of Art.

I long for one of the meandering visits I used to make on slow afternoons when I worked as an intern on Capitol Hill.

I can't wait until my girls are old enough to take along and expose to all the great art, without damaging the paintings or significantly disturbing the other patrons.

For now we make do with strolls through the sculpture garden.

Kirsten said...

Mikayla, bonne chance avec la langue française. Il y a beaucoup des règles qui sont très difficile, mais très amusant a la même temps, n’est pas?

J'espère que vous avez apprécié le musée. J'aime beaucoup les peintures de Monet, en particulier ses trois peintures do Notre Dame.

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