Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Stand Too Close!

Hey! It's my 300th blog post. WOW! I can hardly believe it.

Things have been crazy here...with Troy gone, but he is back today, and I couldn't be happier.

So, as I was up last night until the wee hours of the morning baking 18 dozen cookies, I was cursing myself for taking on yet another task during this busy season.

But, as I met with the ladies in my cookie exchange this morning...all was right with the world...because after baking just three kinds of cookies, I now have 18 different (AND GLORIOUS) kinds of cookies.

Here's my haul.

Woo hoo.

My contribution were chocolate filled macaroons, raspberry lemon swirls, and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Can't wait to do it again next year!

And, now that I have you nice and hungry, one more story guaranteed to KILL your appetite, so if you have a weak stomach, PLEASE, read NO further.

Well, Emma spent the night with Andirana last night so that she could attend her baptism this morning. Emma was thrilled to go and Ana even asked Emma to say the closing prayer. So sweet.

So, this morning, after the cookie exchange, the kids and I drove out to get Emma. The 20 minute drive was just long enough for Katie to fall all the way asleep, but not long enough for her to actually nap.

Needless to say, she was NOT happy when I woke her up. And promptly upon entering the house, she just LOST IT.

Part of the reason was the lack of a nap, and part of the reason was we have left Katie with Alex on a couple of occasions for babysitting (one of those being Paris). So, while we love and adore Jeff and Alex, Katie doesn't even like the sight of their house! (Sorry Alex and Jeff...for SOOOOO many things!)

So, Katie is just getting more and more upset. And wouldn't you know it, she just throws up EVERYWHERE. Ugh. It was disgusting. Thank goodness Jeff and Alex are such good friends.

I get Katie cleaned up, and get myself cleaned up, but not before she throws up a couple more times. Holy cow. It was awful.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking to yourself, well, it sounds like Katie is sick.

But when she really works herself up into a frenzy, she makes herself throw up with her crying. (This totally started with a crappy incident at the gym...but that's another story.)

So, I change her clothes, and wonderful Alex, cleaned everything up...that woman is a saint!

And we sit down to visit for a minute.

Well, after a while, I glance down at Katie, and she has some goop on the front of her, and I say, "Hey, what's that?"

At which point Alex and Jeff simultaneously look at me and jump up, as the rest of the "goop" oozes onto my pants.



So, once again, it's off with the clothes, but this time, I have to give Katie a bath.

If only I could have gotten in with her!

Well, I figured at that point we had done all the damage we could to poor Alex's house, and it was time to get the heck out of dodge.

And now that Troy is home...nary a hint of throw up nor a poopy diaper.



Bringhurst Family said...

I shouldn't have read I'm paranoid I'm next.

Troy said...

What can I say?!?!? I guess I'm very lucky that all the crap happens while I'm out of the country.....

I do appreciate all you do to keep the household functioning and the kids safe, happy, and well in my absence. How did I get so lucky?

On a unrelated note, Alex is a saint. How did Jeff get so lucky? ;-)

alamama said...

Ack! is right! I hate when that happens. So glad our dc are out of that. Phew!

Charlene said...

I would have bursted into tears after the third throw up!!

Lara said...

I completely agree with your assessment of Alex's sainthood!

Kimber said...

I feel for you; Mathison covered me with vomit at Wal-Mart this past summer and it was awful!

Those cookies look delicious...I might be asking you for some recipes :)

Amberlyn said...

Your cookies look delightful. My sister is so into cookie making this time of year. She has several that she reserves just for the occasion. I would love that macaroon recipe. Anything with coconut and chocolate is my best friend.

So sorry to hear that you were exploded upon. That is not one of the joys of motherhood.

akh said...

Those cookie shots spurred my resolved to bake this Friday.

The tale of Katie's "emissions" spurred my resolve to remain single. I kid, I kid.

OT: Guess who I just traded e-mail with? Mr. Parsek. Small world.

Merry Christmas, Deni!!

lbugsh2 said...

Zoe used to do that all the time. I feel for you.

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