Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a Mystery

Saturday is chore day at our house...and we spent the morning cleaning house...which has been kind of disater since Christmas.

In addition to being messy, we have also lost quite a few things...including the remote to the tv...and since we have an older television, you cannot change functions on the tv without the remote. That means no vcr or wii unless you have the remote. Oh no!

So, you can imgaine the angst at our house and the intense remote hunting that has been going on.

Well, we finally solved the mystery of the disappearing remote (as well the the missing phone, the other remote, the vcr remote, and other assorted odds and ends).

There is a hole in the couch, and if anything falls under the cushion, it has been falling through the hole in the couch and has gotten trapped INSIDE the couch. LOL!

This makes me think...maybe there is a hole in the dryer that is eating half our socks!


akh said...

I read about a way to thwart the Sock Monster: Put dirty socks in those mesh bags meant for "delicates" or sweaters, and then wash the bag. Works like a charm, and it's especially helpful for folks (like me) who must visit laundromats.

Kimber said...

If you can figure out the sock mystery, let me know :)

The Beatty Beehive said...

We too have furniture with "holes". It's Rick's recliner. There is a little slot in the back that things can fit through perfectly when trying to send us into a remote searching tizzy. I also use the mesh bags for socks. It cuts down on the sorting and matching. Everyone does their own. Awesome!

Lara said...

Spence's gameboy was lost in the same kind of black hole. We found it when we were throwing the couch away.

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