Thursday, December 25, 2008

So Sappy

I love Christmas.

We had such a fun day, just being together and hanging out. There's nothing that has to be done, no where we have to go, just us and a really special family day.

The kids had a great day. Everyone got something that they really wanted.

Mikayla got a camera, and she was pretty excited, because up until she opened she didn't think she was getting anything for Christmas. (She had wanted a coat, and we had already given it to her.)

Emma got pixos and a pogo stick. (I hope to have some photos of the kids and Troy using it..maybe tomorrow.)

Joe got a bunch of games for the wii...the kind we said we'd never get...but, he's a good kid...and we're pretty strict about video game time.

Josh got a gameboy...he was pretty excited to get such a big kid gift.

Becky got a baby, complete with stroller, car seat, and bassinet. She is in heaven.

Katie got a bunch of little toys...she REALLY enjoyed unwrapping the presents...her own and everyone else's. She's got the ripping paper off stuff down. She also really enjoyed all the chocolate she could find...and Becky's doll.

Troy got a GPS, so he can take the kids geocaching.

And Troy TOTALLY surprised me with a lot super thoughtful, amazing gifts. A couple of my favorites were photography and design books, filters for my camera, and an amazing drawing pad and stylus for the computer. He knocked my socks off!

And if all that wasn't enough, we also got a wii fit and dance, dance revolution. (Again, I don't have photos yet...but soon.)

I really enjoyed the day, and in the past, for me, it was all about the presents I was getting. But, as sappy as this sounds, today, my best gift was seeing my family all together and so wonderfully happy.

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Anonymous said...

Drawing pads are cool, can't function in PS without my Wacom anymore.

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