Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to the Family

As you may know...I am married to the cheapest most frugal man alive.


It's true.

So, when Troy makes a big purchase:

1. it's rare.
2. it's a big deal.

Troy has been wanting a big TV for a long time. We actually rearranged the living room to accommodate this purchase -- although we changed the living room furniture like 2 years ago -- and Troy still hadn't bought the TV.

For years we had a little 13 inch TV. After a while the color tube blew and we watched in black and white.

I think we had moved to Virginia before the kids realized cartoons were in color.

After a while one of Troy's coworkers was nice enough to give us a 17 inch TV. It was so great of her.

And when we moved to our new house we got our current 35 inch TV.

We have been talking about this new TV for so long...I wondered if it would ever happen.

But no longer.

Please welcome to the family:

Can you tell how excited everyone is?


Heather said...

Bwahahaha - our husbands would really get along. ;)

The Beatty Beehive said...

Yes! Our husbands are brothers, no further explaination needed. By the way... you may want to make sure that there are no golf balls just laying around the room (like we golf? go figure?) because someone might pick one up and accidentally it will slip out of their fingers and it will crack the screen of your new 1 month old "family member" thus making it completly useless. Just saying...

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