Sunday, September 25, 2011

London - Day 4

We were go, go, go, our whole time in London...and I think by the 4th day I was feeling it.

So...we had a more mellow sight-seeing day.

We started with the Globe Theater, where Shakespeare put on his plays. It isn't the original Globe...the actual site is a few blocks away. But...there were able to uncover enough on the original location to recreate a pretty accurate replica.

This sign on the door of the theater cracked me up.

We took another walk through London on our way to see the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery.

I wish that I could have taken some photos...especially in the Portrait Gallery. They were having a new artist contest and some of the work was beyond fantastic.

Across the street from the galleries was this little church. I couldn't resist a photo with that yummy blue sky.

The Galleries are located right beside Trafalgar Square...and on the square they have an olympics countdown timer. (It was a little reminder that all the crazy construction going on in the city was likely due to this.)

Another Big Ben photo -- tired of them yet? : )

We made our way our to Kensington Palace...and Troy fell in love with the English gardens. It reminded him of his lifelong dream to live in some type of Manor House and have a hedged garden.

If we come back to London we will definitely be coming back here to have high tea at the Orangery. We got there right as it was closing and it looked amazing!

A closeup in the had just rained and everything was perfect!


delilas said...

I am loving all your day by day posts. No I am not tiring of Big Ben photos. I am happy you had such beautiful weather. Not the gray skies in most pictures you see of London.

EmmaJ said...

OK, even though I lived there I think you have seen more of London than me. I guess I need to go back. I love the Day 4 Big Ben picture. It is my favorite so far.

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