Sunday, September 25, 2011

London - Day 5

I was on my own for a good part of this day and really wanted to see the British Museum.

I was so happy to get there and find that they allowed photography.

And the museum was awesome.

Outside...and inside.

Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greece.

The Elgin Marbles.

Can I just say when we were in Athens, the Greeks were super bitter about the marbles that Lord Elgin took back to England with him.

These marbles are on display at the British Museum...and can I just say that I can now understand why the Greeks were so bitter. The marbles are fantastic. (and the plaster molds the Greeks have on display in Athens don't even compare!)

More Ancient Greece.

One of my favorite items in the museum was the Rosetta Stone. Seriously...what a wonder.

The also had a nice little Korean exhibit.

And what would a day in London be without a Big Ben photo? lol.

After meeting up with Troy we went to see Westminster Abbey. Another place I couldn't take photos...and how sad...because it was perfection.

And then we visited St. Paul's Cathedral. It was simply stunning.

This was an especially great part of the day as we participated in the evening service -- which was sung by a boy's choir from Wimbledon. We were invited to sit in the quire seats ...  right beyond the boy's choir and right next to the priest.

It was a lovely service.

After dinner...we walked back along the Thames so I could get a night shot of the London Eye.


Shari said...

Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful shots. I have a feeling it is the closest I will ever get to seeing London. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. :)

Mariko said...

the pictures in this post are AMAZING! love them!

Helena said...

Now that would be cool, to see the Rosetta Stone in person. Wow.

I heard that one of the lions from Tabotap pagoda (in Korea) is in that museum. There were four originally, facing out in four directions, but there's only one left on the pagoda.

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