Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Day

The kids were so exited for the first day of school.

Everyone was up early and ready to go long before the buses even started rolling.

Mikayla left first and it was pitch black outside.

I can hardly believe she is starting high school.

How did that happen?

But...she is so strong and capable, I have no doubt she is doing to do great.

Joe and Emma are in 7th grade and now without their big sister at the middle school.

The students in the middle school are split into teams -- with half the students getting one set of teachers and half the students getting another.

Joe and Emma have never had the same teachers in school and last year were on totally different teams -- which meant two sets of field trips...totally different learning schedules, etc.

It made for interesting times here.

But this year, for the first time, they are on the same team and will actually have three academic classes together. 

I am excited as a mom for this -- but I hope it's okay for them.

I guess the one upside is that most people don't even realize that they are related and when told that they are brother and sister often don't believe it's true.

Josh is in the 3rd grade.

We are very excited for this teacher this year.

3rd grade is a big year here -- it's the first time they get grades and the first time they really have a significant amount of homework.

Josh is a really smart boy but he's not a huge fan of working hard.

We'll see how it goes.

And Becky. She is in the 1st grade and all of the sudden looks so grown up to me.

I am so excited for her to have a good year and continue to grow. 

And poor Katie. She just didn't understand why everyone else got to leave this morning except her.

She said, "Mom. I don't like this."

I know baby.

But...look for a post on little miss next week when she starts preschool - 5 days a week. MY WORD. 

I'll try not to happy dance in front of her. 

Happy First Day of School.


Lara said...

Kids in four different schools? Good luck!

The Browning Bunch said...

I can't believe how grown up they are!

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