Sunday, April 4, 2010

Double the Fun

We have had a crazy busy week.

We spent Spring Break in Williamsburg. We did Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown. We also went to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News and spent a day at King's I have lots and lots of photos to post.

And, as if that wasn't enough we had Easter...AND Emma and Joe turned 11 today.

Holy cow.

Can you believe that my babies are 11?



They were asking me about their birth...and I was thinking back. It seems like a million years ago and yesterday all at the same time.

I had gone into labor with them at 29 weeks and spent five weeks in the hospital on medication to stop the contractions.

The doctors wanted me to make it to 34 weeks. They were giving the twins steroids to help their lungs develop and they hoped that it would be enough to help them along when they were born.

So...on April 4, 1999...I hit 34 weeks. It was a Sunday. Conference weekend. Easter Sunday. Just like today.

They took me off the medicine at about 5 am. Troy had been sleeping at the hospital on and off, and had spent the night. I think his mom was at the house with Mikayla, but he was just beat and wanted to go home and sleep in a bed...not the awful chair in my hospital room.

So...he went home to lay down. 5:45 am...just enough time for Troy to get home and fall asleep my water broke. lol!

So...I called Troy and woke him up and said...hey hun, my water broke. Since my labor with Mikayla had only been about 4 hours, we didn't want to take any he rushed right back to the hospital.

In the meantime...I am starting to feel like there are babies about to be born, but of course, when I told the nurse that I thought I needed to push she didn't believe me. Why is that?

So...about this time Troy gets back to the hospital...and the nurse decides to check me...and has a total cow when she realizes that I am already at a 10 and ready to deliver. It was only 6:15 am.

Well...all heck breaks loose...because they want me to deliver in an operating room and nothing is ready. So...they start to wheel me out of the room and they are getting Troy dressed in hospital gear as we literally run down the hallway. The doors are flying open, the nurse is freaking out...and I am holding onto the bed for dear life.

Of course, it didn't help at all that the hospital was in the middle of a lawsuit and my nurse had been named in the we left my room, the night nurse says to my current nurse...hey...did you know that these guys are both lawyers.

You should have seen her face. we get to the operating room the doctor walks in and I am full on ready to give birth. No time for the epidural to work. Dang it.

And out pops Emma at about 6:30 am. This is when the doctor tells that Joe is breach and he is going to try and turn him. ack.

That didn't work...and he wants Joe he asks me if i'm okay with Joe coming out feet first. um...okay. So he reaches in and pulls Joe out feet first. 3 minutes after Emma was born.

It was such a different experience from Mikayla...which was so serene and calm. This was anything but.

Emma weighed in at 5 lbs and Joe was just 4 lbs. But they were incredibly healthy and we all went home after just 2 days. It was a miracle.

I am so grateful that everything went well. They are such blessings. Happy and just really wonderful kids.

We are so lucky to have them and wish them a very HAPPY birthday.



Paulette said...

I remember that day too. Those little ones were so tiny but so loved. Happy Birthday you sweet kids! Aunt Paulette loves you and misses you.

Monique said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!
Happy Birthday, Joe!
I'm sure you had a wonderful Easter Sunday Birthday.
That cake looks good, and so do those candles!
Some birth story, Denise! Truly one for the books!

Pressed Petals said...

thanks for sharing your story! neat to hear!

Helena said...

Whew! What an exciting story!

Happy birthday! :)

Kimber said...

I remember that day clearly as well. Amazingly, here you are full circle on an Easter, Conference Sunday with two healthy children. A very Happy Birthday to Emma and Joe!

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Happy Birthday Joe!!
I'm excited to hear all about your exciting places you visited. I'm making a list!

Heather said...

Happy birthday to the beautiful twins!

I sure do hope my upcoming birth story will be uneventful: "Yep, just popped the kid out in under half an hour."

I've never had an epidural before - are they as great as many have told me?

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