Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gotta Get One of These

Williamsburg was great. The weather was beautiful. Seeing all the old buildings and everyone dressed up was cool.

The juxtaposition of old and new as also fun to this coach driver checking his cell phone.

We just had to have everyone post in the stocks at Williamsburg. I have to say...I am thinking about having one of these built in our backyard.

I think most of our kids were a little young to enjoy Williamsburg, but it was still pretty cool.

We also visited Jamestown and Yorktown. Not only is it cool to see buildings that have stood since the birth of our nation, but it's SUPER cool to see canonballs still in the building since these early wars.

Running the battlefields.

Victory Monuement.

I think the kids really enjoyed Jamestown the most...and I am totally in love with Yorktown.

The funniest part was riding the trolley around Yorktown. I was looking out the window and saw a girl running across the beach. I thought, "humm...that looks like Sam. But that's not possible. "

Then, from the back of the trolley I hear, "Mom, look, it's the Brisco's."



How crazy is that.


Hilary said...

Little known fact: my dad did a semester abroad at William and Mary and I spent like 6 months just growing up around Williamsburg.
It's true.
lots of cute pictures too. :)
Esp. for my brother Mr. Political Science. :)

Emily Merchant said...

We love Williamsburg. What a fun trip. We have to go again and make it to Jamestown and Yorktown -- I don't know why in three trips that way we never have been to those places.

Jen said...

Denise your family is beautiful! I love all the pictures.

Kimber said...

How cool is it that your family lives so close to many of our nation's historical sites; I'm so jealous!

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