Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the Future?

Well...this is as close to London as I got this weekend.

I was disappointed that we did not get to go, but Troy was a sweetheart and took me to the Eastern Shore (Maryland for my non-Eastern friends). We stayed at a wonderful little B&B on the Chesapeake Bay and had so much fun exploring the peninsula. We walked the boardwalk at Ocean City, saw the ponies on Assateague Island, walked the beach at Rehobeth, toured the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the Maryland State House.

It was relaxing and wonderful.

How grateful I am for good friends who watched the kids for us. We are so blessed.

Some of the highlights:

Outside the B&B:

The boardwalk at Ocean City:

The ponies at Assateague Island:

The Naval Academy's good luck charm, painted for a match against Army.

Thurgood Marshall, outside the Maryland State House:

Troy...I just couldn't resist.

Maryland State House:

And...can I just say that I have decided that I want to live here on the water, with a dock and boat:

with him.

Life is good.


Pressed Petals said...

all i can say is ahhhh...
so glad you got to go somewhere!

Courtney (aka cnscraps) said...

awww yay! glad you enjoyed yourself. love the london photo. too funny. I wonder what day you were in Annap? I was on a fieldtrip with Chloe on Monday...we toured the Naval Academy and the State House too!!! lol...

Kimber said...

It might not have been London, but I'm glad you were able to get away :)

Troy said...

I would love to live on a boat with you, too......But where would we put the kids?!?!? Seriously, a GREAT weekend!

shannon said...

Sorry it wasn't London, but looks pretty great to me! Way to make lemonade. Love the pics!

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