Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Worse?

Than helping one of your kids with a science fair project?

Helping two of them.

Don't get me wrong. I love helping the kids out...but fair is a lot of work, especially when you HAVE TO do it.


Emma was studying lung capacity. She used bubble gum and asked people to see how many bubbles they could blow in a minute.

She hypothesized that people 15 to 20 would have the best lung capcity since that's when lungs fully develop and then begin to deteriorate.

She recieved an honorable mention.

Joe studied what position was the best for playing video games. And seriously...your project is to play videos games for days on end? Yeah. Dream come true.

Joe got a 99 out of a 100. The teacher took 1 point off because she thought his title was misleading.

He called it "The Game Boy" and he did his testing on a DS. Seriously. No points for creativity? Sheesh.

They both did a great job.


Emily Merchant said...

Oh, the science fair. Mia LOVES the idea of the science fair and has complex notions of intensive animal-related research, of course. But, actually executing the project; well, that is a different story. Which is why we backed out this year at the very last second. I dread those years when it is mandatory. And book reports are mandatory. And reports are mandatory....

Can't imagine surviving two. Congrats to Joe and Emma, though! They look like awesome projects. And, I for one, love Joe's title. Plus, what kid is smart enough to come up with the "research" idea. Totally worth EXTRA points.

Lara said...

I can't wait until we're on finished end of my Emma's project. I'm SO tired of it (and we're only doing one). I like their creative topics.

Sarah said...

Paul would have totally thrown off Emma's results, as he can't blow a bubble, period.

And I personally liked Joe's title. Very clever. Even though he's probably too young to even know what a Game Boy is.

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