Friday, April 16, 2010


So...the last time I planned a weekend getaway with Troy...the east coast with hit with the biggest snow storm in recorded history.

And this we were supposed to fly to London today...a volcano erupts in Iceland (of all places) and causes the biggest air crisis since World War II.


Anyone else worried about how my travel schedule and the apocalypse seem to be coordinated?


Monique said...

I'm not worried about an apocolypse right now, but this Ash Cloud from Iceland is sure causing havoc on most European airports. Almost all flights are cancelled. So sorry about your trip to London that wasn't, Denise. Maybe next time you can give me a little notice, so i can stop vulcanos erupting, cancel blizzards and pop on a plane to London myself so we can finally meet up! (And I can stop being jealous at all those you already met up with)
Too bad you couldn't make it this weekend, we're having the perfect spring weather too....
Hope this cloud has lifted this time next week, as we are scheduled to leave for Spain then!

delilas said...

Well You did go to Greece last fall with out eruption or blizzards, so you are not totally under the curse.

We still need to get together. :D

Pressed Petals said...

i was wondering if your plans got changed because of the volcano.

alexandra said...

So when did you hire a nanny? Seriously, with six kids it amazes me how often you're able to leave the country. And blog. And shoot (and get paid for it!). And have a couple of other businesses on the side.

Yep, you're amazing.

Lara said...

I'll make sure to consult with your calendar next time we plan a big trip. If you're going at the same time, we'll just reschedule.

Seriously, though. That is a huge bummer! I'd be very sad about missing London!

shannon said...

So sorry, Denise. We're sad that you should be over having dinner right now. Better luck next time!

Kimber said...

That must be frustrating! At least you're stuck at home, and not abroad :)

Emily Merchant said...

Will you give me notice next time you plan a trip so i can be certain to stock up on food and water?

What a bummer! Glad you got away anyway.

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