Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lessons Learned

So...Joe had enough of the bullying and spoke up about it to his teacher.

I also called and spoke with the vice principal. It is one thing to verbally taunt another student, but when you put your hands on him...that crosses a line I cannot tolerate.

Background: Joe was sitting at his desk talking with another boy. The bully did not like what Joe said, so he grabbed a small wooden mallet off the teacher's desk and shoved it under Joe's face and threatened him. Seriously...are we in the 5th grade or a bad episode of Prison Break?

I know. It's not prison, but I was just so stinkin' upset by this whole thing.

The vice principal was wishy washing and even had the gall to ask me if Joe had provoked this. Really? What could he have possibly said that would rise to this level of retaliation?

I told the vice principal that I thought we had crossed from bullying to crime...because the last time I checked, this was an assault and battery. I think at that point she finally decided she better take this seriously.

So...they called out a bunch of boys from the classroom, and spoke with them individually. The bully admitted all that he had done, and even went so far as to say that he and his friends had been targeting Joe and his friend.

Holy cow. Targeting.

The bully was severely reprimanded, but nothing else. Because this was the first documented case of bullying on the boy's record, they felt they could not do more. Sheesh. I would have done more. But, that's me, angry mom.

Joe thinks the bully felt really badly, and I am happy to say that while the bully's father was unaware of his son's behavior he was appalled and angered by it. Thank goodness. for the last few days the bully has been nice to all.

Let's hope it lasts.


Mariko said...

Oh my goodness! That is terribly frightening! I am glad that Joe is ok. As I read your last two posts, I thought about how strong of a person Joe is. Amazing.

Seriously, the VP should be taking every call about bullying seriously. And where is the school counselor in all this? There could be more to the story than seen, and there needs to be more done than just punishing this boy.

Lara said...

That is sad that the school was quick to blow off the incident until you started talking more seriously about it. It seems like things like that should be nipped in the bud immediately. I'm glad the parent was supportive in the ordeal.

Heather said...

Don't these kids know not to mess with a boy whose parents are attorneys????


Glad to hear that Joe is no longer in this situation. Sigh.

Kelli said...

Wow Denise, I am seriously amazed at the school's attitude towards the entire situation! However, it sounds like you firmly held your ground to ensure it was handled appropriately :)
I am so relieved to hear that things have been better for Joe at school and pray that it continues!!

Bringhurst Family said...

This stuff gets under my skin. And Sydni too has a bully- at church none the less. Sure makes the mama bear come out in me.

Hilary said...

My goodness.
But, I think you do have to be the squeaky wheel sometimes.
Of course, if you squeak enough they tend to ignore you.

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