Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Did You Think Would Happen?

The kids went to the dentist, and I have to say that I am just so pleased that my kids like the dentist.

I have a real phobia, but the kids all look forward to it and do so well.

Josh actually had to have a cavity filled and was a little nervous. He has a major gag reflex and we have to worry about him throwing up on the dentist. It hasn't happened yet...but, I am sure it's just a matter of time. (BTW, Josh also went to the orthodontist to be fitted for a permanent retainer. They had to do molds...and man...that was close. He almost had to use the bucket they gave him.)

They had to give him a little laughing gas to keep him calm during the procedure. They said he would be a little loopy...but really, who could tell the difference? that I have done all this bragging about how much my kids like the just have to know it doesn't end well.

This was Katie's 2nd visit to the dentist and I have to say it went far worse than the first visit, which I hardly thought was possible!

She would not even sit in the chair! She got all crazy, foaming at the mouth, screaming bloody murder when they even tried to brush her teeth. We gave up on that and just asked the dentist to look at her teeth in lieu of an actual cleaning.

So...the dentist gets her laying down and tries to count her teeth and check them for any obvious problems. Simple enough, right?

And wouldn't you the middle of all the screaming and teeth checking Katie clamped down on the dentist's finger and would not let go.


It was awful.

I think we might skip our next visit.

: )


Monique said...

Ahh, so sorry you and Katie had a hard time with the dentist. And... I DID throw up all over the dentist one time when I was a kid. Although I was quite young, I remember distinctly. It happened at school (we had a dentist come into the schools twice a year during my childhood. It was horrible!!! The kids would be called in according to their last name. As mine is VERHAAR, the waiting was even worse than the actual visit!), and I had to go back into class with damp clothes after they had cleaned me up.
It's all better now. Although I don't regard visiting the dentist the highlight of my year, I'm ok with it now! And I have quite a bright smile to show for all my efforts!

alexandra said...

Ouch! What a nightmare! We're in the throws of dental visits too - three cavities, 4 "sealants", 3 extractions - and who knows what will happen when the other two go in for their cleaning today? So much for our health care spending account!

Pressed Petals said...

I am sorry but I am chuckling here! Katie sounds like one of my DC! Was the dentist's finger okay?

Lara said...

It seems like getting bitten would have to come with the territory of being a pediatric dentist. Too bad you didn't have your camera to capture the moment on film. It would've made an awesome scrapbook page.

Charlene said...

If it makes you feel any better, my oldest also bit a dentist. The dentist referred us to a pediatric dentist who handles these sort of kids he said!!! I remembered filling out the paperwork and on the sheet it asked if your child is hostile and resistant. I checked yes for both!!!!Hahaha!!

Kimber said...

I don't like the dentist, either, and there have been many times I've felt like biting his finger!

onehm said...

OH I feel your pain! I had one like that...they had to completely put her under to have some cavities fixed when she was little. They had to use an anathesiologist and everything!!!
She's ok now, but it's been almost five years in the making!!!
Good luck. It's a long haul, but worth it!!

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