Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When you live a full life...you experience things, both good and bad...and these experiences lead you to the person you are.

I have had these experiences in my life.

And...for all the heartache I have ever felt, none hurt as much as the heartache I feel when my children hurt.

Joe is going through a rough time at school. He is being bullied and honestly I want to march right down to that school and sit on the kid that's giving him a hard time.

All my kids have experienced issues at school. They get along with some kids and others they don't care for. Whatever. It's all part of growing up.

But, when one kid goes out of his way to make your kid's life miserable. When he picks on him for things totally out of his control. When it's made worse by the fact that your kid got caught in the crossfire defending someone who the other kids have ostracized. My heart just bleeds.

Joe is such a good kid. No one ever had a bigger heart. He is kind and thoughtful and strong. By golly, I know he's strong now. In befriending someone all the other kids are mean to, he has made himself a target. But he doesn't want to change classes. He doesn't even really want me to step in. He just wants to deal with it, the best way he can.

And...so I just get to ache for him. And cry for him. And hopefully let him know I think he's wonderful.


Kelli said...

Oh Denise, my heart just aches for both of you!

But on a totally lighter note that will hopefully make you smile....maybe there is a coincidence between this and the missing pants?

Obviously your sweet boy has a heart full of love and as a parent, what more could you ask for? The fact that he is willing and able to handle this on his own is such a testament to how he has been raised. Although I know you are hurting, you should be SO proud of him!!

Hilary said...

Oh Denise, that stinks. Jsut one of the many things we hope never to happen to our kids.
Is the school being helpful?

Aussiegirl said...

OH my goodness! I have a neighbor going through this same thing right now! I'll be praying that he has the strength to stand up to these bullies, and to be a friend to someone who needs it! ((HUGS)) to him and to you!

Puhlman said...

OH Denise...almost making me cry. He sounds so mature for his age. WOW sometimes are kids are much stronger than us. I remember being bullied as a kid. I hated it but never told my parents about it. I am glad you know what is going on with him. I think you are doing a great job. Keep praying. Never an easy thing. It maddens me more than anything when a child bullies another child....and that child better NEVER be one of ours.

Lara said...

It sounds like you're doing it the right way--respecting his wishes and being supportive to him. What a hard thing for both of you! (Have you ever seen the new American Girl movie, Crissa? While from a girly perspective and a little idealistic, it may at least be a good conversation starter.)

Kimber said...

I wish there was a way we could spare our kids from heartaches like these and still let them grow emotionally!

Hang in there :)

Heather said...

(wiping tears from my heart) The road to manhood is paved with challenges, and your little guy is already down that road. I'm proud of him!!! I wish I had that kind of resolve as a youngster.

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