Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Joe comes to me yesterday and says, "Mom, I need more pants."

So...I'm thinking he has outgrown them...but when he came home today...I had him bring me his pants so I can see what size I need to get.

But, guess what?

He had not outgrown his pants...he doesn't know where they are.

I know.


The pants thief has struck again.

How on earth do you lose your pants?

I mean...the boy leaves home with pants on.

He comes home from school with pants on.

In fact, he always seems to have pants on.

So...where do his pants go?

Do you know?

Please, i'm desperate.


Kimber said...

Jefferson also has a closet that seems to eat certain clothing items. Frustrating!

Troy said...

I think his little brother Joshua may be the culprit.....! (He just rolls up the cuffs since they're the same waste size.)

Lara said...

"Pants Thief"? Sounds like the title of a good book. :)

Seriously though, it must be a boy thing. Both my boys struggle with the same problem.

lbugsh2 said...

I vote it was the washer who did it. I bet it ate them.

delilas said...

I have had 3 boys and never a problem with disappearing pants, um it must be something in your wash water. lol Look behind the washer? :) Good Luck!!

alexandra said...

How clean is his room? I know you could hide a small army in most of my kids' rooms.

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