Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All's Quiet...Thank Goodness

It's been quiet here on the homefront.

We've already had our first big snow of the season...which is the earliest it has ever snowed here since we moved here.

The kids were excited to get out and building snow men and sled.

I have been trying to take it easy...de-stress my life -- which is a lot easier said than done.

But...we are enjoying this Christmas season. It's such a festive time of year.

I have high hopes of picking up my camera and sharing it with you...we'll see how that goes.



Lara said...

Could you share some of the quiet with us please? Sounds divine!

alexandra said...

Yeah, I've been trying to clear out the clutter, physically and mentally, out of my life for a while now. And you're right. It is much easier said than done.

My goal for the spring? Drop the kids from all of their extracurricular activities for a season (or at least cut what they're currently doing in half). Hopefully it will save some money and some sanity.

Kimber said...

My kids will be so jealous about the snow; it was supposed to snow here last night, but we got rain instead.

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