Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Give New Meaning to the Word Hot

I had a medical test today where they injected a radioactive material into my veins so they could look at my heart.

It was seriously weird. They kept the medicine in a special metal tube and techs called "nukes" come to administer the stuff.

You watch how the treat everything...and then they put that stuff inside you?


Everything is fine.

My heart is working great...but for the next 30 days I have to beware of going into a federal building or airport cause I might set off the security alarms.

Now that's hot.


Brianna said...

That's Hot!

Monique said...

Hi Denise, glad your heart's fine (but who ever doubted that, lol!) I know what you're talking about with the radioactive stuff. Part of my treatment for a thyroid problem I have, consisted of swallowing some radioactive iodine, IN ORDER TO DO DAMAGE to one of my organs. I had to stay away fom everyone (including Theo) for a week. It was seriously weird, and I didn't like the concept one bit. It did cure the problem though, and than some (i'm now on additional meds to compensate for the overactive damage).
Enjoy being HOT for a while!

sahlink (aka: Krista) said...

Oh my goodness!! That sounds crazy! I'm glad to hear your heart is doing fine... hope everything else is OK.

alexandra said...

I say you go into a federal building. It would make great blog fodder.


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