Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meanest Mom, Ever

What's in the bags, you ask?

The kids' Christmas presents.

They are being held hostage until the guilt party fesses up.


Meanest Mom. EVER.


Kelli said...

Hmm, wonder what the kiddos did to deserve this one? Gotta be a good story behind it! Come on, spill the beans Denise!! I'm still giggling about your "car" incident!!

Paul said...

I'll take the heat. I did it. Just don't ask me what it was that I did.

Sarah said...

Fesses up to what?

Hilary said...

Yeah, we need more info -- totally unfair to post just that.

Monique said...

How's that for a different 'daily December' photo! Love your way of thinking! I'm also in the firm but fair camp, and I don't feel kids like me any less for that.
Glad someone was brave enough to save Christmas in the end, though!

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