Friday, December 18, 2009

Your Own Blog Book

To answer your questions about the blog book.

I used Blurb.

It's pretty simple.

You download their software and then it "slurps" your blog for you.

The pain of it is that it will put each blog entry on it's own separate page, and if you want something different than that, it's a time consuming process to reformat it all. puts the photos on in whatever size it thinks is best.

When I first slurped my blog...I decided to just do one year, otherwise, I might never been able to finish.

The first time it formatted the book, it was over 300 pages.

After spending quite a bit of time formatting it (some of my blog posts were just a line or two, and I could sometimes get three posts to a page), and changing photo sizes (I wanted all my photos to be bigger) finished book is 189 pages, and it cost $60.00.

The binding and cover are awesome. You can choose to have a dust jacket, but I knew that my kids would mess that up, so I choose to have it wrapped. It's awesome. You can choose whatever color you want as well. I love the black.

The inside pages are thick and wonderful and the photos came out great.

Here's a peek at the inside:

I took photos of the pages with photos so you could see...there are lots of posts that don't have any photos at all.

FYI: Blurb often has coupons online for $10.00 off a book or for free shipping. I was able to get mine with free shipping, which saved me $10.00.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Brianna said...

Thanks for posting pics of the inside! It's so beautiful! What a great memory for your family.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty darn cool, Deni. Kudos to you and your great eye for photography! ~akh

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