Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 2 Menu

Before I get to this week's menu, I wanted to review last week's menu.

Meatloaf Muffins with BBQ Sauce - We did not love this. There is salsa in the sauce and it was not a favorite with anyone. My kids normally like meatloaf - so we will try again with a different recipe.

Corn Bacon and Potato Chowder - This was sooooo good. I really liked it. It was a really quick meal to fix -- although Josh and Katie were not fans. This was a personal favorite for me and we will be making this again. KEEPER

Chicken Alfredo Roll Ups - We actually had this tonight for dinner and it was so good. Even Josh enjoyed it -- and you know that's huge! KEEPER

Key West Grilled Chicken with Carmalized Grilled Pineapple - Oh my word - This was SOOOO GOOD. Can I say it again - SOOO GOOD. This dish was so very tasty. I more than doubled this recipe and there were no leftovers! KEEPER

There was not time for this dish last week, so we are going to try again next week.

Baked Ziti
Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Spinach and Pasta Salad
Mexican Tortilla Soup
Man-Pleasing Chicken (That's what the blog calls it)
Scones -- Any bread dough will do -- although I do like to use a sweeter dough like my cinnamon roll dough

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AngryBaker said...

4 dinners in one week is impressive. I'm proud of myself if I manage 3.

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