Friday, January 25, 2013


Today was a great day.

A really great day.

As you may be aware. We do not do Valentine's Day.

No we do not.

But Troy declared today to be Valentine's Day and he whisked me off to New York City...for a lovely lunch and a Broadway show.

We left early. Took the train.

It was actually kind of funny...the train we were on had to stop...about a half hour from the city. The bridge we had to cross is old and would not close.

So we could wait...or we could get off the train and get on a local transit train to take us the rest of the way into New York.

I used to be so afraid of this type of decision. What if...but thanks to Troy and his influence...I worry less and try more.

And it worked out great. The funny part was the girls we were travelling across from were taking the same trip as us...and they could not decide. So they sat on the train. And waited. But hopefully for not too long.

Once in NYC, we grabbed a subway.

And had lunch at a wonderful French Bistro.

Love NYC.

We went to see Newsies. Which was great.

And returned home.

It was a grand little adventure. And I feel blessed to be married to someone who is always willing to meet me halfway. 

Happy Valentine's Day my love.

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