Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fear Itself

Are you afraid of anything?

My list of fears is long and varied.

I have tried hard to overcome many of my fears...but there are many left to conqure.

So now I have a new fear to add -- the stick shift.

Troy got a new car -- which we are all very happy about.

But, unfortunately for me, it's, yes you guessed it, a stick shift.

Getting into that car was beyond nerve wracking.

Driving around town was an exercise in paranoia.

Would I stall out? Oh my word, of course I did.

Would I ruin the engine? Gosh, I hope not.

Would smoke come from under the car as I mangled whatever was under the hood? Um...a little, I think.

So, after running just one of my errands...I drove myself home and decided not the drive the car anymore.

That is until I had to drive to Barnes & Noble night with Josh and Becky.


I think heaven was on my side as I drove there and back -- not too many red light, not too many hills, even a good parking space without anyone around.

Of course, all the cars passing me by on the road, and the need to go nice and slow might have made everyone else crazy -- but it got me home.

And as I parked the car -- a few times over -- I vowed never to do that again.

Troy says I need to face my fears. But, I think that this is one fear that can stay on the list.

Maybe tomorrow I can work on spiders.


Mariko said...

Driving stick shift is such a huge fear of mine too!! I seriously am paralyzed with fear when I need to drive stick shift. Every time I have to, I am overwhelmed with the sense that I will crash.

...ok that doesn't really help you at all.... Good luck driving around! I know you'll be comfortable driving it soon enough!! haha, that's better right?

Melanie said...

Dude. I'm awesome at stick shift. Want lessons? I'll make you drive around the block until you get it! Then we'll find a BIG hill, like San Francisco hills just to make sure you've got it figured out. That's how I learned! LOL! And seriously. SO lame that you are afraid to drive the car. Troy should make you ONLY drive that car for a week solid. I'm super supportive aren't I?

Chelle said...

LOL! We bought a car for Dave last year. In our minds were thinking it'd be the perfect teenager car when Nat gets her license in a couple of weeks, then he could get a newer model.
BUT...it's a stick shift. And it only took twice before she won't drive it again. A day or so after she announced her refusal, I was driving down the road, pretty proud of myself for remembering how to drive a stick shift when the handle on the gear shift flew off as I tried to go from 3rd to 4th gear. It landed somewhere in the back seat in Dave's "stuff". I had to get home with this metal rod for a gear shift.
Yea, I'm not making her drive the stick shift again either.

Troy said...

Melanie -- That's what I said! It only takes a few days, and then it becomes second-nature -- like riding a bike! But, alas, Denise wouldn't (doesn't?!?) listen to me.

Monique said...

Ehmmm, this is just the way I felt the first time I had to drive an automatic car when we moved to Canada; what to do with the left foot? I got used to it pretty quickly, and we even brought that car back home to the Netherlands with us. I can now switch back and forth between automatic and stick shift with ease!
Even more scary was our move to Ireland, where they all drive on the 'wrong' side of the road! I also managed that, there was not much choice in the matter...
Anyway, I'd love to help you with the stick shift, you know where to find me!

delilas said...

So Denise if I can learn to be comfortable driving a stick shift, you can too. It actually is really fun unless you are trying to back up a hill with a car in front of you, not so much fun. I guess you ankle is all better if you are using a clutch? :D

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