Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Time Around

Holidays make me sentimental. And as Katie grows...pretty much everything she does feels the same...the last time I will have this experience as a mom.

Katie participated in the preschool Christmas Program. Now, odds are, she will do another one next year, but this year she was a bell...just like Becky was when she was in the program. And next year she will be something else...and just one more Christmas until she starts kindergarten.

Where is the time going?

Katie did great today. No crying and she even sang!

 Afterward we made gingerbread houses.


And, can I just say...I did not realize that I had a second OCD child on my hands...until Katie felt the need to line everything up, by shape and color...and then also made sure that all the "m"s on the m&m's were showing. eek.

She also made sure to lick each piece of candy before putting in onto her house. Smart girl.

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Lara said...

I have those same nostalgic feelings over and over again with Ellie. It must be so hard being a youngest child. :)

By the way, your Katie (and all your kids really) are just adorable. Cami can't stop oohing and ahing over how cute Katie is in your Christmas card.

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