Monday, December 6, 2010

Trimming the Tree

We've had the tree up for a while...but we finally were all home at the same time to get the ornaments on the tree.


We've got the presents wrapped, and under the tree. Of course it's driving the kids crazy...the presents are numbered and the kids don't get to find out what their number is until Christmas morning.


And I've got my cards addressed and ready to go...just need stamps. A lot of stamps.

I am so excited to be done with this part of Christmas.

I hope that we will be able to focus on enjoying the season, serving others and remembering the Savior.

Are you doing anything special to enjoy the season? How do you get your kids to focus on something other than the presents under the tree?


Hilary said...

I hope one of those cards is for Meeeee... mine stil haven't come yet, little lone have stamps or addresses. :)

alexandra said...

Sweet idea to have numbers instead of names. Because of our move, we haven't put up anything except the chocolate advent calendars, but I don't think that counts! I never thought I'd miss the tree and decorations this much.

Kimber said...

I've also been thinking about ways I can help our children to focus on Jesus during this season. One thing I'm trying this year is I wrapped some short, Savior-themed books to put under the tree. We unwrapped and read one last night for FHE, and there are three others left: two for the remaining FHE's before Christmas, with the last one to be read Christmas Eve. We'll see if this helps :)

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