Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lessons Learned

Last night's family home evening lesson was on service -- particularly on service in the home.

As a parent you are hyper aware that pretty much all you do all day long is serve others. And usually it is without the hope of a thank you or even any small amount of appreciation. But...it isn't for the kudos or the amazing perks that you sign up to be a parent. : )

I know, that for me, it's because I love my children so much and I want nothing more than for them to be happy.

But...not only do I need to love them, they need to love each other. And therein lies the more difficult task.

So, as we talked about service in the home, and being kind and loving to each other...you just wonder if it isn't all falling on deaf ears. Because really, aren't we all our worst selves at home, and our best selves other places?

In reality, I think the kids do a good job of getting along. Certainly a much better job than my brother and I did at that same age.

But, even without actual fighting, they can go through life without ever noticing each other, or really giving any thought to the love that they should share.

So, it was with great appreciation that I went into the girls room to find Becky helping Katie get dressed and being very patient as she tried to get her pants buttoned up. Or when Josh asked if he could put away some of his sister's clothing because we are doing a sibling secret santa this year. Or when the older children remind the younger children that we need to have a family prayer in the morning.

In the end, it turns out, they really do love each other -- they just don't show it very well.

There's another lesson in that, i'm sure.


Lara said...

We've been focusing on service this entire month in family home evening and I still don't feel like it's sinking in that well. I love the "secret sibling santa" idea though. I wonder if having one sibling to focus on would make it a little less daunting. I think we'll have a family home evening addendum tonight!

Hilary said...

I love the sibling secret santa... very cool.

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