Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

Oh man. Halloween was a bust this year...and I have put off posting until I had some photos to share...but of course I still don't have any.

It rained on Halloween and with sick kids to boot, we just didn't get any photos taken.

I have kept the costumes out, and since the kids are home from school tomorrow we are going to try and get a few shots.

I just have to say...this was a most interesting Halloween for me.

Because some of the kids were sick I did many things this year I have never done.

For one, I missed our ward Fall Festival...which I have actually NEVER done since we have lived out here.

How strange was that!

And then...I stayed home and passed out candy while Troy took the kids trick or treating.

I have never stayed home to pass out candy and it was strange.

Can I share a little of what I observed?

Most kids are very polite.

They mostly said thank you and were very pleasant.

Having said that...there were a few interesting moments too.

There were the kids who actually had the nerve to request a specific kind of candy, with one child actually expressing his frustration at the type of candy we were giving away -- he wanted M&Ms and we didn't have any. What were we thinking?

There were many who did not say thank you, and even when out with their parents were not reminded to be polite. Oh. We said "you're welcome" regardless.

There were many children who did not even both to wear a costume...they just showed up in their school clothes with a sack asking for candy.

And many children came to my door wearing a ski mask as their costume? Yeah. Like 10 of them. People! A ski mask is not a Halloween costume.


And...I am not a officially a firm believer that there is such a thing as being too old to trick or treat. I don't know what that age is...but I know it when I see it.

And seriously...when the porch light is off it means we have run out of candy.

We passed out over seven pounds of candy.

But, even with all the craziness...we had a good time at home.

Katie thought Halloween was a blast and thoroughly enjoyed passing out candy to all the children...okay, all the ones not wearing ski masks!

And every time a child would walk up to our door she would smile and say, "Trick or Treat." eek. It was cute.


Hilary said...

My mom stopped us at 12. I'm not sure what I will do... but I agree. What do you do with M?

Jeffrey Merchant said...


But, running out of candy...You just live in the wrong neighborhood. Over here, about eight groups of trick or treaters is all we ever see, if that. Jeffrey insists we buy plenty of candy each year, but then we just have tons of our favorites hanging around afterward, in addition to all the kids have collected -- not the best for healthy living!

Lara said...

We got only 6 trick-or-treaters this year and ended up with a whole stash of leftover candy. I figured it was the rain keeping them away, but apparently in your neighborhood it didn't stop them. Hope everyone's feeling better now!

Kimber said...

What's up with Halloween and sick kids? This was supposed to be Jefferson's last year, but he had to stay home because of the flu :(

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