Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hurry Up and Slow Down

Today really kicked my butt.

Joe, Emma and Josh all had chess club this morning...then Mikayla had piano lessons and a try out for the all county orchestra. Oh I love dragging all the kids to middle school activities at what should be their bed time!

I feel like I have been running all day.


I thought when the kids were little that I could not wait for them to be older so life could slow down and I could get more things done.


I get less than ever done...and we are busier than I could have imagined possible. What am I going to do when Joe and Emma start middle school next year?


So...if you are struggling at home with a toddler right now...let me just say...enjoy it. It's a blessing.

: )


Lara said...

Amen! Keeping Legos out of a toddler's mouth is on a whole different playing field than dealing with this teen-age angst & killer schedule. I used to feel so grumpy when I only got 6 hours of sleep, now these days I'm happy when I get a whole 6 hours!

Anonymous said...

Love the new pic!


Puhlman said...

HOLY COW when you said Joe and Emma are going to be in Middle School next year I couldn't believe it. WOW. Already? I am liking my not so busy schedule for now. My older kids don't even want to do any other outside activities even though I have suggested quite a few. I am especially drawn to sports BUT no one want to do them. SNIFF SNIFF. But I should be happy that I get to enjoy not being in the car all the time.

alexandra said...

Yeah, I used to always get mad when people would tell me to enjoy my kids while they were young because life got crazy when they got older. I thought they were the ones who were crazy.

But now I'd just love to have a whole day where I don't have to take anyone anywhere.

Heather said...

Trying to convince the girls to skip the teen years altogether. So far, they have no response....

I'm still in awe of how you can juggle everything with such flair. You da queen, Denise!

Hilary said...

Different stages, different pains.
I do feel definitely bi-polar though, home with the baby all day, and then at 2:10 the craziness starts.
Reminds me to cherish what I have when I have it. :)

Bringhurst Family said...

Woman when are you going to hire yourself some help. Seriously I'm thinking I need it and I only have 4 going different directions.

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