Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well...I did it.

I went on vacation and I totally unplugged from my life.

No e-mail.

No blogging.

No phone calls.

And I survived.

We had a really great time in's a little resort a couple of hours from here with an indoor water park. Just perfect for a frosty fall day!

I have a ton of I will work on getting up some photos to go with the fun we had.

It was super nice to get away!

And I am super glad to be back.


Monique said...

I missed you during the DSD weekend, but I'm glad you had such a relaxing time!
Welcome home!

alexandra said...

See, and I just thought you were ignoring all of my evites, phone calls, and emails!

So, is Emma available for a birthday and sleepover tomorrow night? Considering your recent "unplugged" stint, we'll even let her come without bringing a birthday present!

Lara said...

Welcome back. Massanutten sounds lik a great place to get away without traveling too far. Did you have all the kids with you too?

Kimber said...

Sounds like fun; can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on taking the time away and unplugging! As much as I heart the innerwebz, I like being completely disconnected for one week a year. Looking forward to the vacation pics! ~akh

P.S. The magazine's photo contest is coming up. You're taking some bird pics, right? ;)

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