Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On His Honor

Today was a big night....Joe earned his Webelos Badge as well as his Arrow of Light.

Now...for those of you who have never done scouts...this might not sound impressive. But let me tell you...It IS impressive!

And I am so proud of him.

Some of you may know, I'm not a huge fan of scouts. I would just as soon the boys focus on faith in God awards and do what they can to make sure they earn it.

But...having said that, this is what Joe wanted, so it was my goal to help him accomplish it. And Joe worked really hard -- REALLY hard.

Look at the awards he won tonight:

And...even with that huge pile...he had 3 more they had to fix.
To put it in context, Joe completed over 100 different tasks to earn these awards...from a service project, to a campout, to making his own rocket.

It's amazing and I could not be prouder.


Nathan, Mariann &Talon said...

Great job Joe! that is awesome.

Rachelle said...

Way to go JOE!

(and way to go Mom!)

Monique said...

Congrats, Joe!!!!
You could almost wallpaper your room with all of these awards!! I hope you all enjoyed the ceremony.

Lara said...

Isn't Scouting awesome? Way to go Joe!

Kelli said...

Wow, what an AMAZING accomplishment Joe (and family)!!

btw Denise, LOVE the new header pic too!!

onehm said...

THIS IS AWESOME! Way to go, Joe! (And way to go, family for supporting your scouter! I know it's a huge undertaking!)


PS...LOVE your family photo. It's perfection!

Hilary said...

What an accomplishment!

Paulette said...

Super job Joe! I was Jed's cub scout leader for his wolf and bear years so I know you worked hard. Keep it up and before you know it you will have your eagle scout award.
Love you, Aunt Paulette

alexandra said...

Wahoo, Joe!!!!!

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