Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh yeah...THAT mom

Well...I have officially become THAT mom.

Oh, I know.

I've been THAT mom before...but now...there is just no going back.

As you may (or may not) know, I have strong opinions.

seriously. it's true.

And one such strong opinion is the idea that children do not need cell phones.

I mean really...where is your eight year old going that you can't totally reach them in any given situation? more and more of Mikayla's friends have gotten cell phones (some from a very young age)...we have resisted the onslaught.

She is just too young.

And then something happened to change my mind.

That's right she turned 13. wasn't the turning 13...rather it was the seventh grade and track and play practice and her busy social life...I can hardly keep up.

With coaches that cancel practices or have meets that end two hours early, surprise play practice, etc...I could not keep up with whether she was coming or going and more imporantly whether I was supposed to be there.

So...we decided it was time...and we got her a cell phone for her birthday.

And...she is thrilled. (I're shocked.)

The best part about it was when we finally decided to do it...we thought we would do it right. Mikayla was opening her birthday of the items in her box started to ring.

And of course...Mikayla did not hear it at all.

But everyone else in the room could hear the noise and they were wondering where it was coming from.

Mikayla's friends quickly realized what was happening and were screaming at her to open her present.

It was awesome to so completely surprise her.

So...not only does my daughter have a cell phone...but apparently I am now committed to buying all my other children cell phones when they turn 13.

**big sigh**

What was I thinking?


alexandra said...

I was just talking about this with friends yesterday. You're not the only one to cave. Most parents do the same around this age and for the same reasons. Seriously, when's the last time you saw a free-standing pay phone?

But the big question is, when are you going to have a survey to see if Emma should get a cell phone at 12 instead of 13?

Kimber said...

We also gave in and got Jefferson a cell phone this year - like you, mostly for our benefit.

Chelle said...

Both of my dd's (12 & 14) have cell phones for the same and so that I know where to be when.

How fun that you surprised her! I did the same thing with Nat's bday -- called the phone while she was unwrapping the present.

Um...with the second daughter--no surprises. She knew she was turning 12, so she'd been picking out the model she wanted for a couple months. LOL!

Hilary said...

I am entirely amused that Conner's friends have cell phones.
But I Do think it will have to come at some point.
So, tell me -- did you get her one with texting, in a few weeks you'll have to give us the skinny on how it's working out.
HOWEVER, I do get the feeling that Miss M is quite responsible.... :)

Melanie said...

I have been meaning to give you a hard time about this....I will be sure to do it next time I see you. LOL!

Lara said...

What a fun surprise for Mikayla, although I understand your pain. I was surprised how much better I felt when we got Spencer his phone, knowing that he could get a hold of me whenever necessary.

lilluv89 said...

Let me tell you it is not the phone that is the prblem phones are great! Especially if your kids have extra curricular activities or emergencies. It's the bill that's the problem tose things can get super high!

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