Friday, October 23, 2009

Mad Dash

Well...I like to think I perform well under pressure...and I do usually manage to pull things out, but at what price?

We have a Halloween Party tonight...which means I needed to get the Halloween costumes done. After taking a break last year from the family theme...we have come back to it.

We are all going as characters from Harry Potter. of yesterday I did not have any costumes made.

I've now got six costumes done...two more to go.

Phew...hope I'm not too grouchy at the party tonight. lol!


lilluv89 said...

Harry Potter awesome! I expect many pictures!

alexandra said...

We have two HP costumes, though I doubt you were boring enough to have more than one go as Harry.

I too am waiting for pictures.

Puhlman said...

WOW. You are good. HOLY COW. Now that is truly impressive to get that many costumes done in hrs.

Andrea said...

Well, you were okay ;)

A little Beatles and she warmed right up!!

Kelseyll =) said...

I would love to see pics from that night!! =) I'll bet those costumes were awesome!

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