Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shark Alert

Josh and I were driving in the car and talking about his day.

The was being sweet and I said, "Joshua Boshua're so cute."

He said, in a very frustrated voice, " said when I turned six you would NEVER call me Joshua Boshua Bop again."

"Yes Josh. But, you said when you turned six you would be the perfect child."

"No Mom. I said the DAY I turned I would be the perfect child."



I think this kid has a future as lawyer.

And really...if he's figuring out the loopholes at this age...I don't think that bodes well for the future.

Look out world.


alexandra said...

Yeah, I think you might be in trouble.

Lara said...

It's just not fair that a six-year-old can come up with a snappy comeback like that while it would take me three hours after the fact before it'd hit me. He's a smart kid!

Emily Merchant said...

I love it. I love Josh. He and Mia must be meant for each other. At least in this arena they deserve each other! I don't know though, if you were to mate the offspring of that many attorneys, what would you get? Could be scary! Good thing I never actually went to law school:)

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