Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paris, Day 4

This was the first day that Troy and I got to spend together.

I have to say, I do enjoy the man, but he does slow me down! I saw half as much stuff when I was with him than I did when I was by myself.

And we have a long history of him making me do things that I am not too sure about...I know I have free will, but he does have a way of talking me into know, his "charm" and all.

So today we went to the Arc du Triomphe. I had already been there, but I didn't climb the stairs to the top, so of course, we just HAD to do that.

And 300 stairs later...still Paris, just higher up.

Then we went to the Rodin Museum. Another FAVORITE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rodin. His skill is AMAZING! And after seeing lot of sculpture while in Paris, you can just tell that he was a MASTER! It was so awesome.

The Dome Church is across the street, so, since Troy had never been there, I went again.

And then a train ride out to Monmarte, home of the Sacre Coeur. Monmarte is on the outskirts of Paris and higher up. There is also a tower...and 300 more steps. So, of course, if there are steps, we MUST climb them.

About halfway up I began to wish that Troy weren't quite so "charming". And, as we got to the top, wouldn't you know that my camera battery would die, so I didn't even get to take any pictures! Grr.

But, it was a great view...and I think it was worth the climb.

We ended the day with the Eiffel Tower. Now, I don't know how many stairs it takes to get to the top...because Troy took one look at my face after suggesting we climb it, and he bought me an elevator ticket. Lucky man.

Troy has been to Paris many times, but promised that he would not go to the top until I got to go with him. So, it was very cool that we both got to go for the first time together. And, we got there in time to see the sunset. AWESOME!!!

In the end, there aren't very many things that I can talk Troy into doing if he doesn't want to...I guess I don't have his "charm." But, I did enjoy taking his photo all over Paris...and he was pretty tired of me by the end of it. So, I have about a hundred of photos of Troy hiding his face in one way or another.

I love it.


Kimber said...

What a trooper to revisit some of the sights you'd seen on previous days :) I have to admit, I'm a little jealous that you were able to visit so many culturally and historically rich sites!

Lara said...

What an amazing trip! I went to Paris when I was 14 and I'm aching to go back now as an adult.

I love the photos and can't wait to see some scrapbook pages too!

Charlene said...


Troy said...

Of course, everyone should know I have buckets of "charm".... otherwise, how else would I convince you to have 6 kids?!?!?

Robin said...

Wow! What a trip!

Your pictures are incredible! It looks like you had a marvelous time.

I can't wait to hear about it in person!

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