Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer -- What's Up With Joe?

Joe spent two weeks this summer at Scout Camp.

He went the first time with the ward and then a second time with Brother Kunz and Brother Harris.

He had some really great experiences and has done all that he needs to earn his Star (including 18 merit badges!).

Joe is such a hard worker, I am so proud of all that he accomplished.

He especially enjoyed earning his rifling badge (apparently he is a very good shot) and his rocket badge.

Rob was nice enough to take some photos during Joe's 2nd week at camp.

Boys are such clean creatures.

Bottle rockets.

More rockets.

Camping, scout style. Nick, Tyler and Joe all wanted to cram into one tent.

Joe needed a mirror for camp. So he borrowed one from his dad. He was telling the boys how his dad uses this mirror to check his bald Joe did a little demonstration.

Joe was able to do a little sailing.

 And just a little bit of sleeping.

I am so grateful for really good scout leaders and super good friends who have done so much to help Joe have such a good time this summer.

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