Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer - What's Up With Josh?

Josh had cub camp this summer...and I am pretty sure he asked every day between the day that school let out and the first day of scout camp if today was the day.

I was able to go to scout camp this year and had a lot of fun being a camp helper and a walker.

Josh had a blast and they did all kinds of crazy cool things at camp, including making a catapult, making a marshmallow gun...and swimming every day.

I was glad that Jared and Josh got to do a couple of activities together at camp.  I am a firm believer that these two were actually twins in heaven who decided one family couldn't handle them both.

It was really hot during camp, so swimming was a much anticipated activity.

Marshmallow guns.

Josh also had the chance to try out a slingshot. These are super hard to use! Thank goodness the ammo was just marshmallows.

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