Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer - What's Up With Emma?

Emma had a week at girl's camp - her first one and she had a really good time.

I received glowing reports from all her leaders as well as from a few stake people I ran into.

Everyone tells me she is so happy and bubbly and just so much fun. We have always thought so!

In addition to girl's camp, Emma spent a week at Mary's house attending sailing camp.

We are told that she is a natural and should continue learning to sail.

We went up to get her and were able to watch her crew a Flying Scot in a regatta.  (She's the one in yellow.)

Here they are mid race -- Emma is "hiking out" (learning way out over the edge of the boat).

And here they are crossing the finish line.

This is Mary's cousin Minh sailing a laser, which is the boat Emma actually learned how to sail. Apparently she has gotten quite good at it.

In fact, she received the "Most Improved" sailor of the class.

Emma's sailing class:

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