Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun in the Sun

When we went up to get Emma from sailing camp, we had the chance to play a little as a family.

We went to the yacht club (uh...never imagined myself at a yacht club!),  went swimming, went boating and tubing. It was a blast.

The kids even talked me into giving it a try.

And totally loved it when i had a major wipeout.

Which, by the way, reaffirms for me that I am well and truly old.

And, poor sweet Becky.

She took a ride with the big kids and had a major wipe out. MAJOR. She was so scared and did not want to ride again.

But, Troy and I got on with her and told her that we would take it nice and slow.

She was terrified of it all. But, she was a trooper and held on. I am so proud of her!

We really appreciate Quoc and Ellen taking Emma for the week and showing us a really good time.


Charlene said...

So were you going slow for Becky or for you guys? ;0)

Lara said...

Glen and I were just discussing how we need to rent a boat one day for some fun on the water. The whole sailing thing sounds like a fun activity!

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