Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still Here

This summer has been anything but a vacation.

And I can describe it in just one word: CAMP.

The kids have had one activity after another and i never thought i would look forward to school as a time to slow down. lol!

but there is it.

I hope to have some photos soon...or at least something more interesting to blog about.


alexandra said...

Interesting you should write about that. That seems to be the general consensus with everyone at this point. Maybe it's the age of our children? I personally feel like I have the same amount of stuff to do, but I can't get to it because I'm either out with my kids (thinking about everything I need to do) or fighting to get to use the phone, computer, etc. whenever I am home!

Lara said...

I've been reminiscing a lot lately about the laid back summers from when my kids were younger. This summer, in particular, has been insanely busy!

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