Thursday, September 9, 2010

Romance...Beatty Style

Troy and I were having a discussion about romance.

Now...I know I shouldn't complain.

Troy is a good husband and father.

He is a good provider.

He is super fun.

He is just a really great guy.

But...sadly...he is just not romantic. And, to make it worse...we don't have a good track record with romance. See here or here.

And...sometimes, a girl just needs a little romance.

It doesn't have to be anything big.

A little note.

A flower.

Some little thoughtful thing that lets you know he's thinking of you. I was telling Troy this, he was little wounded, because he had just written me a really sweet love letter...he thought in June.



It's September.

I told him that I thought he was mistaken as to the date of the letter, that it was much earlier in the year.

Of course we didn't agree...but since I saved the letter we were able to go and find it and verify the date.

It was dated November .... 2009.

We actually had a good laugh about it -- and am now secretly hoping that something romantic might be on the way.

Wishful thinking?

A girl can dream.


DCDACJensens said...

I was actually thinking the same about my Husband the other night. I seams like the only time I hear I Love You is when we say goodby on the phone. He gives flowers, but only on holidays now. Not much into the romantic stuff, but I still love him. So, I totally know what you are going through/thinking - how can we change this!

Hilary said...

Don't hold your breath my dear. :)

Shaelyn said...

Boys.... will be boys... I am crossing my fingers for you!!

Kari said...

Did you read my post about our anniversary? We're not much into romance either. Steve definitely has a skewed timeline the way that Troy seems to ;) Totally made me laugh!

Mariko said...

There better be something coming!

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