Tuesday, September 14, 2010

O Happy Day

Katie had her first day of preschool today...and wow, was she excited.

She has been asking for weeks to go to school and watching the older kids go was just painful for her.

But...finally...today was the day.



it must have been a good one, cause she home looking like this:

Somebody else's pants and undies (they were loaners)...no hair clip, no pony holder, no braid, just a mess...but totally happy!


alexandra said...

And you with a few hours completely kid-free. Enjoy!

Lara said...

Seriously, your kids are just so adorable and I totally love the before and after shots.

Mariko said...

haha, I love the before and after! It is my day, every day...

Kimber said...

It looks like Katie THOROUGHLY enjoyed herself :)

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